Dating and intimacy after divorce

Any divorced people want to chime in and help me out here? I know that it can be a wee bit scary (the unknown) but when you become intimate I think that excitment will push aside any doubts or fears.Just enjoy what you are experiencing, have fun be yourself....I’ll have it known, perhaps only for my own ego and edification, that I am a wonderful lover.I have years of training with dozens of women that have shown me the glories and wonders of the female form in many of its incarnations, and I have delighted in them all.The problem is that some of the people I am dating are people I could see having a relationship with.And ultimately, at some point there will be a time when these women are going to feel that it would be nice to spend an evening together.I think we are mostly looking to me found and appreciated by another person, while having the opportunity to appreciate them back. And now, standing strong and alone again, we are ready to dip our toes into the idea of being loved and loving again. And here is what I’ve found to be the indicators of a healthy start.

So I am starting to date agin after having been with the same person 10 years. And I know that I am in no hurry to have sex again.

This knock-on effect can have a pretty significant impact on our happiness, making us feel a bit out of control for the most part.

What’s more, the anxiety we experience in childhood (even in the womb!

Seriously, though, at this point in my life I feel that at least three prior relationships were ruined because of this problem, and I stand at an invisible precipice with my current lover that is disconcerting.

A pattern is emerging, and it starts with my dick and the bad messaging in our society that I have somehow gotten into my psyche (and perhaps more importantly, permeating the psyches of potential long term mates) about my ‘performance’ abilities.


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