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In a country where the average income is only a few hundred dollars per year, and school costs upwards of 0 USD per student, it is nearly impossible for a poor family to send even one of their children to school for the year.

For 0 USD per year, you can sponsor a student's tuition for an entire year.

There are 4 million children under the age of 18 in Haiti and only 1 out of 3 of them are able to attend school.Ready to submit your free pen pal ad to Penpals Now, describe yourself, your interests and your pen pal wishes and let other people find you? Or, if you need to change your pen pal message or other parts your ad, just use our Modify function.... Sean Penn's Haiti charity paid 6,000 for travel in a single year, including funding the actor's first-class flights.And when you answer, let him know that you’re so happy he called but you have only about 10 minutes or so.Don't want to expose yourself by submitting your own free pen pal ads?This means that a lot of children are being deprived of an education.


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