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Case CCT 50/08 [2008] ZACC 23 ELIZABETH GUMEDE (BORN SHANGE) Applicant versus PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA First Respondent MINISTER FOR JUSTICE AND CONSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENT Second Respondent PREMIER OF KWAZULU-NATAL Third Respondent KWAZULU-NATAL MEC FOR TRADITIONAL AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS Fourth Respondent AMOS GUMEDE Fifth Respondent MINISTER OF HOME AFFAIRS Sixth Respondent WOMEN’S LEGAL CENTRE TRUST Amicus Curiae Heard on : 11 September 2008 Decided on : 8 December 2008 JUDGMENT MOSENEKE DCJ: Introduction This case concerns a claim of unfair discrimination on the grounds of gender and race in relation to women who are married under customary law as codified in the province of Kwa Zulu-Natal.

They are the Minister of Home Affairs (the Minister) who is charged with the responsibility of administering the impugned national legislation, being the Recognition Act, and the Kwa Zulu-Natal Member of the Executive Council for Traditional and Local Government Affairs (the MEC) who, administers the provincial legislation, being the Kwa Zulu Act and the Natal Code.To make sure that you get all email sent to your school mailbox after you migrate , you need to create a forwarding rule.The forwarding rule will send all the email to your new Office 365 Personal mailbox and then delete it from your school mailbox.Before you start the migration process, you stop the existing One Drive for Business sync client and uninstall it.These steps are a subset of Removing the existing One Drive for Business sync client Before beginning, users should first confirm that the existing One Drive for Business sync client is not actively syncing files.The High Court found that the impugned provisions offend the equality protection afforded by sections 9(3) and (5) of the Constitution because they unfairly discriminate on the grounds of gender and race.


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