Dating chinese coin

Click on the form that is closest to your specimen to link to our general discussion of the varieties of that form.If you have an example of a spade money type not currently listed on this site, please feel free to send us an E-Mail with a detailed description or image, and we will try to provide you with more information.Denominations are written in "financial" Chinese numerals.One of the biggest problems a charm collector faces is trying to decipher the Chinese characters in order to identify the charm and to understand its purpose and meaning.

The first year of the Republic (1911) is used instead of the first year of reign.There are additional Japanese symbols for larger multiples of 10: 100: 百 1000: 千 The Japanese number-writing system is known as a non-positional numeral system because individual symbols don't identify their value strictly based on their position in the number.For example, 40 (四十, 4 10), 400 (四百, 4 100), and 4000 (四千, 4 1000) all use exactly 2 symbols in Japanese (while the Arabic numbers 40, 400, and 4000 use 2, 3, and 4 respectively). This practice largely stopped after World War 2, and for most purposes Japan uses the same year as America would use.That information, along with the coin's country, is the minimum you'd need to look up the coin in a guide, check if it's in your collection, or trade with another collector.The Chinese Numerals Japanese is one such language which doesn't use Arabic numerals (0, 1, 2...).However, if you wish to be very literal in your translation, these two "currency" characters can be translated as follows: 通寶 "universal currency" or "circulating currency" (pronounced As mentioned above, the inscriptions on a few coins are read clockwise beginning with the top character.


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