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Alfred Dorris, who was driving the tram that crashed on November 9, is thought by investigators to have “lost awareness” as he approached a bend at 46mph, three-and-a-half times the limit.

The latest video shows the driver slumped forward as passengers watch through his compartment window.

Fourteen teenagers have arrived in the UK from Calais as a fast-track system was launched to transfer youngsters from the "Jungle" camp before it is demolished.

The Home Office confirmed a group of vulnerable children, aged 14 to 17, were transferred to Britain on Monday morning.

He is the second tram driver to be caught seemingly dozing off, after footage emerged of a similar incident just days after the tragedy.

Mr Khan said: 'I am absolutely furious about this incident and I'm sure all Londoners will be as shocked as I am today.'I have spoken to the chief executive of First Group, who operate the trams, to make my feelings crystal clear.'I've demanded urgent answers from First Group, as well as a reassurance that every possible measure will be taken to keep passengers safe.'I have also ordered Tf L to immediately report this urgent matter to the Office of Rail and Road, and to the Rail Accident Investigation Branch.' 'The tram stopped at the lights because he just fell asleep.

He gets a new life now, because there are many people who died in Calais." Dozens more children are expected to arrive this week after a team of British officials were sent to Calais to help French authorities speed up the transfer of minors ahead of the dismantling of the Jungle.

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"His journey was so difficult, it was by walking, by bus to Calais.The commuter who took the video told the Standard around 50 people were on board at the time, including mothers with children.Most of them got off at the next stop because they were so concerned. If we didn’t wake him up he’d have been asleep even longer.” He added: “When people saw he was sleeping they were saying ‘this is a joke, you can’t be serious’.The driver is said to have fled, leaving the traumatised teenagers – including the dying schoolgirl – ‘covered in blood’ and sprawled across a grassy bank.But despite being called to the scene in Croydon, South London, at 1.25am, it was at least 21 minutes before a single paramedic reached the scene.Instead police were left to perform CPR on the girl with the light from a neighbour’s mobile phone.


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